Sunday, 27 June 2010

Tree of Love

Tube of choice - I am using a tube by Jennifer Janesko which may be purchased from CILM
Scrapkit - a beautiful ptu kit by KatNKDA which is available from NK Art Shop
Font of choice - I am using Adinekimberg Script
Plugins -xero porcelain, penta colour dot, eye candy gradient glow
OK - Open a new image in PSP 650x600 pixels and floodfill white
Copy & paste frame 5 from the kit, resize to fit and sharpen
copy paper 1 and paste as a new layer below the frame layer
resize and position and erase any overhang outside the frame
copy & paste your tube as a new layer above the paper layer
position within the centre of frame and erase any overhang
apply xero porcelain at default settings and add a drop shadow
click on frame layer, selection, select all, float defloat
paste your tube again as a new layer and position
selection, invert and delete
change the opacity of this layer to overlay, duplicate & mirror
apply a drop shadow to the frame layer
hide background layer & merge visible
unhide background
copy the tree (41) resize and position on tag, duplicate, mirror and move the duplicate layer to the top opposite side
resize the bird (42) and position on tag, sharpen
add any elements of choice, I used 33 and 27, resize and sharpen
hide background & merge visible
unhide background
using your rectangle tool, foreground nul, background black
draw a rectangle around the tag slightly larger, convert to raster layer
adjust blur, gaussian blur 10
apply penta colour dot at default settings
copy element 18, resize and paste as a new layer above the black layer
position and sharpen
add your name and apply a pink gradient glow
add any copyright info
delete background layer & save as a Png!