Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Backstage Pass

I don't often use PTU kits in my tuts but I won this kit in a competition and it has so many possibilities that I had to write a tut with it!!
Supplies - Scrapkit - 'Rock it Like a Wench' by Vella from Wench Designs HERE the kit is currently on sale for $1 and includes the posers by Untamed Angel (whose blog is unavailable at the moment)
Template32 by Melissa which you can download from her site HERE
Mask WSL98 which you can download HERE
Thanks for the freebies ladies!
Font of choice
Xenofex constellation
OK - Open your template in PSP, delete the copyright layer and unhide the white background layer - on each layer of the template, selections, select all, float, defloat and paste a paper of choice from the kit as a new layer, selections, invert, delete and select none. Add a drop shadow to your paper layers of
-1 1 70 5
delete the original template layer. Do the same on all layers apart from the 'quality' layer - select all and add a new layer, floodfill black
Copy one of the posers and paste as a new layer over the middle frame, erase any overhang at bottom of frame and drop shadow
5 5 70 11.
Click inside the small frame with magic wand and expand by 3, paste another poser as a new layer and position, selections, invert, delete - repeat this step with the stars
Now add any embellishments from the kit and position where desired
Add a new layer above the white background layer and select all, copy & paste a paper of choice into selection and apply the mask, delete & merge group, duplicate and merge down
Resize the mask layer by 105%
Apply xenofex constellation - settings - small star constellation, keep original image
Add your name & copyright information
Save as a jpeg or delete white background layer & save as a Png!