Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remember me

Tube of choice - I am using artwork by Keith Garvey which may be purchased from MPT
Fab freebie tag template by KatNKDA which is only available for a short time so go grab it quick! here
thanks Kat !
Font-Kingthings wrote and Murro
plugins - Xero porcelain & radiance
This is a real quickie tut
open Kat's template, change the background colour to white
click on the purple frame backgrounds and select all, float, defloat
copy your tube of choice and paste as a new layer
position in the top frame then selections, invert, delete
paste your tube again and resize, position in the other top frame, hit delete
mirror your tube and paste as a new layer - position in bottom frame, delete
in the top tube layers, change one of them to screen
on the other top tube layer apply xero porcelain at default settings
on bottom tube layer apply xero radiance default settings
using the murro font - type out 'and don't you forget it'
position in the tag box and rotate using your deform tool
using the kingthings font, type the word Remember
position at top of tag to the left
then type 'my name' and apply a white gradient glow
add your name and apply a gradient glow
hide background and resize to your liking
add any copyright info
delete bakground layer & save as a png!