Saturday, 23 May 2009

Armed and Dangerous

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Greg Horn which can be purchased from CILM
Mask - cubes - which is supplied with PSP
Plugins - Cybia Screenworks
Eye Candy Impact - perspective shadow & gradient glow
Arrow preset shape
Font of choice
OK - Open a new image 700x500 floodfill white
Make a foreground/background gradient using 2 colours from your tube
Have the gradient in the background fill box & close off the foreground box
Using a fat font - I used impact - type out the word ARMED and stretch out to the desired size
Add a black gradient glow
Apply cybia screenworks - point array at 0
Using your preset tool draw an arrow or a shape of choice and apply same cybia setting and same gradient glow - the noose came with the tube I am using but you could add an element of choice
Change your background colour to black and type out the words AND DANGEROUS
position over the large word and apply a white gradient glow, drop shadow 2 3 69 7
Copy & paste your tube as a new layer, resize and position to the side
Drop shadow 5 5 70 9 then apply perspective shadow default settings
Choose a light colour from your tube, add a new raster layer above the white background layer and floodfill with your colour, apply mask & merge group
I lowered the opacity on my mask layer slightly
Add your name & copyright info
Save as a jpeg or delete background layer and save as a Png