Friday, 22 May 2009


Tube of choice - I am using a free tube from Ismael Rac which you can download HERE
Template - #31 by Lacarolita HERE
Scrapkit - 'Seduction' by Lacarolita which you can get at above link
Thank you!
Plugins - Cybia Screenworks colour dot
Font of choice
OK - Open the template in PSP
delete the copyright & the bottom layer
Add a new raster layer, bring to the bottom & floodfill white
Make a foreground/background gradient with 2 colours from your tube
Click on each rectangle one at a time and select all, float, defloat add a new layer and floodfill with the gradient, drop shadow & delete the original layer
On the 2 verticle rectangles apply cybia screenworks - chainlink set at 0
Do the same on the circle
Hide white background & merge visible all layers, duplicate
on the bottom layer adjust blur, gaussian blur 30
Apply penta colour dot at default settings
Add your tube as a new layer, resize, position & drop shadow
Add a few elements from the kit and position where you like on the tag
Now add your name & copyright info
Save as a jpeg or delete background layer & save as a Png