Monday, 5 April 2010

Mary had a litle lamb....

Tube of choice - I am using a tube by Ismael Rac which you may purchase from AMI
Scrapkit - a gorgeous spring ptu Art kit from Kat called 'Spring Awakes' which can be purchased from NK Art Shop
Mask of choice - I am using DBV 89 which you can find here
Thanks Vaybs
Font of choice - I am using leaf
OK - a quick and simple tut with the right tube will look great!
Open a new image in PSP 600x600 floodfill white
Copy & paste Frame 21, resize and sharpen
click inside the frame with magic wand & expand by 5
copy Paper 5 & paste as a new layer - resize by 75%
selections, invert, delete and drag below frame layer
select none and apply a drop shadow to the frame 0 0 70 5 black
Copy flowers 3 & 4 - resize both and sharpen, position as above
resize the grass 39 and position along bottom
paste your tube as a new layer, drop shadow 5 5 70 11 black
copy the lamb(19) resize and position, sharpen
add flowers 01 and the chick (41)
resize both and sharpen
hide background layer & merge visible all layers
unhide background layer, add a new raster layer above it, select all
Copy & paste Paper2 into selection, select none
Apply mask, delete & merge group
duplicate your mask layer a few times, merge down each time you duplicate
add your name and duplicate - on the bottom layer adjust blur, motion blur:
settings - angle 90 strength 100
add your copyright info
delete background layer & save as a png