Friday, 23 April 2010

The Tea Party

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Michelle Lynch which is available to purchase from UpYourArt
Scrapkit - a fabulous freebie kit from Vaybs called 'Alice in Wonderland' here
Mask - I am using DBV Mask 89 here
Thanks again Vaybs for sharing your talent with us!
Font of choice - I am using heart emboss
Xero porcelain
Eye Candy gradient glow
OK - Open a new image in PSP 600x600 floodfill white
Add a new raster layer & select all
Copy & paste Paper 5 into selection, select none
apply mask, delete & merge group, duplicate & mirror, merge down
Copy & paste element 23 as a new layer
resize slightly & apply xero porcelain at default settings
copy element 16, resize and position along the side, apply porcelain again
paste element 14 at opposite side and resize
resize the toadstools 26 and position as above
copy the cup 29 and paste as a new layer, resize and apply porcelain
add your tube, resize if necessary and position to the side
apply porcelain to your tube
copy element 30 and paste as a new layer above the mask layer
resize slightly and position along the bottom
copy & paste element 17 as a new layer above this layer, resize slightly and position
add the keyhole & key 24 & 25, resize both & position on tag
the clock I used came with the tube
Add your name and apply a black gradient glow
copy the hat 15, resize & place beside your name
Hide background layer & merge visible all layers
resize & crop to your liking
add your copyright info
delete background layer & save as a Png