Friday, 17 December 2010

All I want for Xmas...


Tube of choice - I am using a tube by Joan Pelaez which at the time of writing is available from CILM
Scrapkit - a gorgeous PTU kit from KatNKDA called 'Xmas Joy' which is available from NKArtshop
Snow animation here
Mask DBV Xmas Mask 07 here
Font I am using is Snowdrift
eye candy gradient glow
Animation shop

OK - Open a new image in PSP 650x650 floodfill white
Copy & paste a frame of choice from the kit, resize to fit and sharpen
click inside the frame with magic wand & expand by 6
resize a paper of choice from the kit and paste as a new layer
selection, invert, delete and select none
drag below the frame layer
add a drop shadow to frame layer 0 0 70 5 black
Add your tube and position where it looks best, drop shadow 5 5 70 9 black
now decorate your frame using elements from the kit
resize and sharpen the elements you use
Add a new raster layer above background layer & select all
copy & paste a paper from the kit into selection, select none
Apply your mask, delete & merge group, duplicate & merge down
Add your name and words using foreground white, background red
apply an inner bevel - width 6, depth 20 and others at 0
angle 315, intensity 25, elevation 90
apply a white gradient glow and drop shadow 2 3 67 7 black
resize all layers and add your copyright info
If you wish to animate...
there's probably an easier way to do this but this is how I do it
merge visible all layers below the frame and hide
now merge visible all layers above the frame
unhide the bottom layer and copy & paste into animation shop as a new animation
duplicate until you have 10 layers
open the snow animation & resize by 80%
click on your original animation and select all
click on the snow, select all & copy
click back on the original animation and paste into selected frame
position the snow in centre and then release your mouse
go back to PSP and copy merged the top layers - back to ani shop
paste as a new animation, duplicate until you have 10 layers, select all, copy
go to main animation and paste into selected frame
move into position and release the mouse
view your animation so you can see what it looks like
if happy save as a gif