Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Anthony Guerra which at the time of writing is available from CILM
Scrapkit - A great freebie kit from HezaScraps 'Pimpin ho ho ho' which you can find here
Thank you!
Mask of choice - I am using WSL 84 here
Eye candy gradient glow and Xero porcelain (both optional)
Font I am using is AC1-ornament
OK - open a new image in PSP 650x650 floodfill white
Copy and paste the Pimp my ride element as a new layer
resize the presents, the cup and the candy cane duo
position as above, sharpen and drop shadow 0 0 70 5 black
resize the sleigh and position
add your tube and place to the side
copy and paste the pimp cane and use your deform tool to turn it slightly
position as above
hide background layer and merge visible all other layers
apply xero porcelain at default setting
Add a new raster layer above background layer, select all
Copy & paste Paper 11 into selection, select none
apply your mask, delete & merge group
add the Ho Ho Ho word art, resize and sharpen more
resize the star and duplicate a few times and position above the mask layer
sharpen more the stars
Now add your name and apply a white gradient glow and then a red one
Resize and crop your tag
add your copyright info
delete background layer & save as a Png