Monday, 3 January 2011

New Beginnings!

Tube of choice - I am using a tube by Jennifer Janesko which is now available to purchase from the new CDO Store
Scrapkit - a lovely ftu kit from Ellanoir which is part of a blogtrain called 'new beginnings' you can get Ellanoir's kit from her blog here
Thank you!
Mask of choice - I am using Vix Mask 431 which you can find here
Font I am using is Cocktail bubbly which you can download here
eye candy gradient glow
OK- Open a new image 650x650 floodfill white
Copy & paste element 29, resize and sharpen more
paste your tube as a new layer & drop shadow 5 5 70 7 black
I changed the hue & saturation of the clock element to match the tube
add a new raster layer above background & select all
copy & paste a paper of choice into selection, select none
apply your mask, delete & merge group
now add some of the doodle elements above the mask layer
resize and position
add your saying using the cocktail bubbly font
apply a light gradient glow and drop shadow 2 3 67 7 black
add your name - I used the plain cocktail font
apply same gradient glow and drop shadow
resize & crop the tag
add your copyright info
delete background layer & save as a Png