Sunday, 23 January 2011

True Blood

I've been sucked into the Vampire world!!!!


Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Anna Marine which is now available to purchase from CDO

Scrapkit - a beautiful ptu kit from Katnkda called Heart2heart which may be purchased from NKArtShop
Mask of choice - there are a few masks in the kit but I am using Vix mask 431 here
Fonts I am using are 'bloody' and 'romerati' which are both available from free font sites
OK - this is a quick and easy tut
Open a new image in PSP 650x650 floodfill white
Open element 37 from the kit, resize by 50% and copy & paste as a new layer
copy & paste your tube, position and drop shadow
5 5 70 11 black
resize element 63, paste as a new layer above the heart layer and sharpen more
drop shadow 0 0 50 5
duplicate and mirror
copy the red and black roses, 10 & 15, resize to suit and position at bottom, see tag above
Type the words True Blood, or your words of choice using the 'bloody' font
apply a light gradient glow & drop shadow 2 3 67 7 black
Copy element 81, paste as a new layer above the background layer
resize so it sits nicely around tour heart frame
use your eraser frame to erase the bottom of the heart
apply a new raster layer above background layer, select all
copy & paste Paper 08 into selection, select none
apply your mask - delete and merge group
add your name using the romerati font and drop shadow as before
I used my paint brush to apply some red splodges over the tag
Resize and crop your tagadd your copyright info and save as a Png