Saturday, 11 July 2009

Best of British

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Dominic Marco available from CILM
Template- Missy template 228 HERE
Thanks Missy!
Plugins- Eye Candy gradient glow
Two Moon - Rip'n'burn
Mura Meister Copies
Mask of choice
Font of choice
OK - open the template, canvas size 650x600 floodfill the bottom layer white and delete the copyright layer
Click on the bottom circle layer, select all, float, defloat, add a new layer and floodfill blue
delete the original layer, add a gradient glow white and then again red
Click on the dash layer, select all, float, defloat, add a new layer, using your airbrush tool, colour red, delete the original layer - drop shadow both these layers 0 0 65 5
For the frames I used a selection from the dress as a pattern, select all, float, defloat, add a new layer and floodfill with the pattern - delete the original frame layers and drop shadow as above
Using the same red colour, type out the words 'Brits do it best!' or words of your choice
apply mura meisters copies, tiling default settings but change the gap to 2
Click on the right black frame layer, select all, float, defloat, selections invert
click back on the text layer and hit delete - lower the opacity slightly
Click on the left black frame layer, select all, float, defloat and paste your tube, position, selections, invert, delete, select none
click back on the black layer and apply two moon rip'n'burn angle 38 or play about with it and use whatever looks best
Paste your tube again as a new layer and position to the right
Drop shadow 5 5 70 11
Move the wordart slightly to the left, with your magic wand click inside each of the letters and floodfill alternatively with blue & red colours, select none
Drop shadow 2 3 67 7
Add your name & copyright info
add a new raster layer above the background layer and floodfill with a colour or pattern of choice
Apply mask, delete and mere group
Delete the white background layer
resixe & crop your tag to a sixe of choice
Save as a Png!