Saturday, 18 July 2009


Click tag to view animation!
Tube of choice - I am using a free image from Zindy Zone which you can find HERE
Scrapkit - 'Twilight Romance' a fantastic ptu kit by Kat which you can purchase HERE
Mask - I am using Babes Mask 32 HERE
Font I am using is Tintoretto here
Plugins -Xero porcelain and improver
OK - Open a new image 650x650 floodfill white
Copy Frame02 and paste as a new layer, resize and click inside the centre with magic wand, expand by 5, copy and paste Paper14 as a new layer, resize by 75%, selections, invert, delete, drag the paper layer below the frame then paste your tube and position, hit delete again, select none - highlight the frame layer and drop shadow 0 0 70 5
highlight the tube layer and add xero porcelain, default settings
Hide white background layer and merge visible all other layers, unhide background
Copy element 29, resize and sharpen and position at bottom of frame, select all, float, defloat
Copy element 25, resize and position to the side of the tag, selections, invert, delete, erase the bit of the arm that is covering the Clair de lune words
Copy elements 5 & 6, resize both and position, drop shadow as above
Resize element21, position below the frame so just part is showing out the side, duplicate and resize by 75%, move up a bit, merge these 2 layers and sharpen
Copy element 43, paste as a new layer, resize and mirror, position along top of tag
Resize element17, position over the ribbon, sharpen more and drop shadow
Copy element23 , paste as a new layer above the background layer, resize so that just the bat is showing at top of frame, use your eraser tool to erase any bits at the sides
Copy element 22, paste as a new layer, mirror, resize and position
Hide white background layer and merge visible all layers, resize by 85% and apply Xero improver at default settings
Unhide background and add a new layer above it, select all, copy element26 and paste into selection, select none and apply mask, delete and merge group
Add your name and copyright info
Make sure you are on the right layer and using your freehand selection tool draw around the apple, add noise at uniform 30, select none and copy merged into ani shop
Back to PSP, edit undo select none, undo noise and add noise again at 32, copy merged into ani shop after current frame - repeat above steps once more changing noise to 32
View your animation and save as a gif!