Sunday, 26 July 2009

Shocking Pink

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Jessica Dougherty available to purchase from CILM
Template 2sexy by Stu here
Thanks Stu!
Mask -0mask046 here
Eye candy gradient glow jeans
Font of choice
OK - Open the template, delete the copyright layers and resize all layers by 80%
Add a new raster and bring it to the bottom, floodfill white
Using a dark pink and light pink colour make a gradient glow
angle 0 repeats 1
Click on the 2 inner frames with magic wand and floodfill with the gradient
floodfill the black rectangle with the same gradient
Click on the 2 outer frames with magic wand, expand by 1 and add a new raster layer, floodfill black and select none - drop shadow 0 0 70 5
Floodfill the rectangle frame with black also
Select the stars layer and floodfill black
select the words and floodfill black
Add a pink gradient glow to the words layer
Click inside the S with magic wand, add noise at random 7, colourise and sharpen more
Click inside the 2 pink frames with magic wand and copy your tube, selections, invert, delete
drop shadow both tubes 5 5 70 9 and apply penta jeans default setting
Add your main tube, position to the side and drop shadow 5 5 70 11
Make another gradient glow using the dark pink and black
add a new raster above the white background layer & floodfill with this gradient
Apply mask, delete and merge group, reduce the opacity of the mask layer slightly
Add your name using font of choice and black as your foreground & background colour
Apply pink gradient glow as before
Add your copyright information, delete white background layer
resize & crop your tag, save as a Png!