Sunday, 13 December 2009

Shining Star

Tube of choice -I am using the fab artwork of KatNKDA which may be purchased from NK Art Shop
Scrapkit - a gorgeous ptu kit from KatNKDA also available from NK Art Shop
Masks of choice - I am using Mask3 by Kat which is available from the kit and also wsl mask84
Font of choice - I am using Santa's sleighful
OK - Open a new image 600x600 floodfill white
add a new raster layer & select all
Open the background image from the tube, copy and paste into selection
select none and apply mask3 from the kit, delete & merge group
add another new raster layer above background layer & select all
Copy & paste Paper15 into selection
apply wsl mask 84, delete & merge group
Resize roundframe1 from the kit & paste as a new layer, sharpen more
Copy & paste element3, resize & sharpen
position to the bottom left, duplicate, image mirror, image flip
bring into position
Copy & paste element8, resize & sharpen
resize element21 and paste as a new layer, sharpen and bring below the round frame layer
copy & paste element 31, resize and position in centre of element 8
sharpen more
copy star 42, resize & paste as a new layer, sharpen more
duplicate this layer & move into position as tag above
Add your tube, resize if necessary, sharpen
hide background layer & merge visible all other layers
unhide background
copy element 37 from the kit
resize and position at bottom of tag, duplicate image mirror
position just below and to the side of the original
merge down and sharpen more, duplicate & image flip
move into position (see tag as guidance)
add a new raster layer above background & select all
Copy & paste Paper4 into selection
select none & apply wsl mask 84
delete & merge group
add noise at uniform 45
add the wordart, element 66, resize & sharpen more
add your name & copyright info
delete background layer & save as a Png