Saturday, 20 February 2010


Tube of choice - the tube I am using is by Robin McQuay and is available to purchase from UpYourArt
Scrapkit - a beautiful freebie kit from Karla Scrapz called 'Believe' which you can download from her site here
Thanks Karla!
Mask - I am using Vix mask 233 here
Plugins - Xero radiance, soft mood and porcelain
Font of choice
OK - Open a new image 700x600 floodfill white
Copy & paste the frames 25 as a new layer, resize to fit
click inside the 3 frames, expand by 4 and add a new raster layer
floodfill with a colour of choice and drag below frames, select none
the colour is not important as you can't see it once you have added the tubes
add a drop shadow to the frames of 5 5 70 5 black
now click inside each frame in turn, expand by 3 and add your tube
move into position how you want it to look, selections, invert, delete
move the tube layer below the frame and select none
apply xero to your tube layer, I used soft mood, radiance and porcelain, play about with the settings to get them how you want
when you are happy, hide background layer & merge visible all other layers
unhide background and add a new raster layer above it, select all
Copy Paper 5 from the kit & paste into selection, select none
apply mask, delete & merge group, resize by 90% and position
add noise to mask layer at uniform 40
resize the wordart 'believe' and paste as a new layer, sharpen & add a light drop shadow
copy & paste butterfly 8, resize & sharpen and turn slightly using the deform tool
resize element 3, position to the side just below the top frame
copy the feather 11, resize and position over the green flower
copy flower 28, resize and position over the feather
sharpen all elements and drop shadow the 2 flowers and butterfly
resize element 31 and position along the bottom of the tag, sharpen
copy element 13, resize and position below the frames so it fits behind the first frame circle
delete background layer & merge visible all other layers, resize & crop
add your name & copyright info
save as a Png