Saturday, 20 February 2010

A touch of Clover

Tube of choice - the tube I am using is by KatNKDA called 'Irish Lass' which may be purchased from NK Art Shop
Scrapkit - a gorgeous ptu kit also fromKatNKDA called 'Clover' also available to purchase from NK Art Shop
Mask of choice - I am using one of Sabre's masks here
Font of choice - I am using Celtic font which you can find here
Eye Candy Gradient glow
OK - Opena new image 600x600 floodfill white
Copy & paste frame 42 as a new layer, resize by 85% and sharpen
with your selection tool set on rectangle, draw a selection around the frame
copy paper 15 and paste as a new layer, selections, invert, delete and drag below the frame layer
select none
drop shadow the frame 0 0 70 5
Paste your tube as a new layer and position so it looks like she is coming out of the curtains
the easisest way to do this is to place your tube below the frame layer then duplicate
on the duplicate layer you can erase the bits around the curtains
Copy the Harp 32, resize and position to the side, sharpen
resize element 3 and position on top corner of frame, sharpen
copy & paste element 5, resize and duplicate, move the duplicate below the original and merge down, sharpen and drop shadow
copy the clover 26, paste as a new layer & mirror,resize and position
resize the hat 31 and place at bottom
copy the horseshoe 28, resize, sharpen & drop shadow, position beside the hat
copy the flower 27, resize and sharpen, position behind the horseshoe, duplicate and resize again, move into position
now copy & paste the clover 24, position along the bottom, resize and duplicate a few times, add as much as you want, resize some again and place to the sides at bottom of tag
resize the flower 30 and duplicate, place the flowers on the clover below the harp
when you are happy with how your tag looks, hide background layer & merge visible all other layers - unhide background and add a new raster layer above it, select all
copy & paste Paper 1 into selection, select none
apply your mask, delete & merge group
duplicate the mask layer & merge down
use your deform tool to push the mask layer into shape so it just shows around the tag
Copy overlay 2 fromthe kit, resize and paste as a new layer above mask layer, position to the side, duplicate & mirror, sharpen both these layers
Add your name using #0d3d19 as foreground & background, apply an inner bevel:
width 6 depth 20, others at 0
angle 315, intensity 40, elevation 57
apply a medium gradient glow using #d7b75e
resize and crop to your liking
add any copyright info & save as a Png