Sunday, 28 February 2010

Under the Rainbow

Tube of choice - I am using a tube by Steve Baier which is available to purchase from UpYourArt
Scrapkit - a beautiful freebie kit by Ellanoir 'Feeling Lucky' here
Thank you!!
Mask - I am using WSL 297 here
Fonts - I used Celtic for my name and Kells Unicial for the wordart here
eye candy gradient glow
OK - Open a new image 700x600 floodfill white
resize element 54 and paste as a new layer
copy element 12, resize and paste as a new layer
resize element 10, paste as a new layer below both these layers, duplicate and move up
copy toadstool 34, resize and paste as a new layer, duplicate & mirror
paste your tube as a new layer & drop shadow
copy the hat 51, resize and position beside the tube
resize the horseshoe 18 and positionto the side, sharpen
copy flower 47, resize and position at the bottom to the side, duplicate & mirror, resize the duplicate slightly, sharpen the flowers
copy element 16, resize and paste as a new layer below the toadstools, sharpen & use your deform tool to turn slightly
resize element 33 and paste above the toadstools layer, duplicate & mirror
add the fairys 35 & 36, position on the tag
resize rainbow 53 and position over the original rainbow, sharpen more
add a new raster layer above background layer & select all
copy & paste Paper 23 into selection, select none
apply mask, delete & merge group
copy element 8, resize and paste as a new layer above mask layer, duplicate & flip, mirror
hide background layer & merge visible all layers
resize & crop
add your wordart & name and apply a small gradient glow
add your copyright info and save as a Png