Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Rose

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Steve Baier which is available to purchase from UpYourArt
Scrapkit - a ptu kit from Vella at Wench Designs called 'Shades of Red' which you can purchase from any of her stores listed on her blog
Mask of choice
Font of choice
Xero porcelain, radiance & soft mood
OK- Open a new image 700x550 floodfill white
Copy & paste Frame6 as a new layer
Click inside each frame with magic wand & expand by 6
add a new raster layer and floodfill black, select none
drag this layer below the frame layer
click inside the centre frame with magic wand & expand by 6 again
paste your tube as a new layer, position how you want it in the frame
selections, invert, delete and drag below frame, select none
Apply xero porcelain default settings to the tube layer
repeat above step with other 2 frames
Apply xero soft mood to one and radiance to the other
Add a drop shadow to the frame layer 0 0 70 5
Copy & paste bow3 as a new layer, resize & position on the frame
copy ruffle 1 and position along the bottom, resize
paste the rose(15) as a new layer, resize and use your deform tool to turn it so it lays along the bottom of the frames
copy bow1,resize and position over the stemof the rose
Copy the apple, resize and position to the side, duplicate & resize
Paste one of the birds as a new layer, resize & position to the side
sharpen & drop shadow all elements
Copy the ivy, colourise using hue and saturation 1 and 148
resize and paste as a new layer, position below the frames and sharpen, duplicate and mirror
Add a new raster layer above the background layer and floodfill black
Apply your mask, delete and merge group
Add your name & copyright info
delete background layer & save as a Png!