Saturday, 12 September 2009

Who's afraid of the dark?

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis available from MPT
Scrapkit - fantastic PTU kit from KatNKDA called 'Morbid Nobility' which you can purchase here Mask - I am using WSL 289 which you can find here
Candle flame here
Font of choice - I am using Bloody and Bickham Script
Eye candy gradient glow

Ok - open a new image in PSP 700x600 floodfill white
Copy element 31 and paste as a new layer
With your selection tool set on rectangle, draw a selection around the inside of the frame
Copy element 08 and paste as a new layer, position
selections, invert, delete and select none
Copy element 23 and paste as a new layer below the frame, resize and position at the bottom
Copy element 13 and paste as a new layer above the frame layer, resize
position along the bottom of the frame
Resize element 10 and position along the top of the frame
Add your tube and dropshadow
Copy element 5, resize and paste as a new layer on left side
Copy the butterfly 22, resize and place at the top of the frame
Type your words along the bottom of the tag
Add a new raster above the background and select all
Copy Paper1 and paste into selection, select none
Apply mask, delete and merge group
Resize all layers by 85%
Add your name using white as your background colour
apply a small gradient glow using a pink colour from the tag
Add your copyright information

merge the 2 doodle layers together and duplicate three times
add noise to the bottom layer at 40, 2nd layer 42, 3rd 44 and top layer 46
hide the top 3 layers and copy merged your tag into animation shop as a new image
Back to PSP, hide the bottom doodle layer and unhide the next one
copy merged into animation shop after current frame
repeat above step for the next 2 layers
Open the candle flame in animation shop
edit, select all, edit copy
click on your tag, edit select all, edit, paste into selected frame
position the flame on top of the candle and release the mouse
You can now view your animation
save as a gif!