Friday, 19 June 2009

Summer Memories

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Steve Baier which can be purchased from UpYourArt
Scrapkit - 'Happy Birthday Kit' by Ali which you can grab HERE
Thanks for the gorgeous freebie!
Mask - Omask046 HERE
Font of choice
OK- Open a new image in PSP 600x600 floodfill white
Copy & paste Frame2 from the kit as a new layer, resize by 70%
Click inside the frame with magic wand and expand by 5
Paste a paper of choice from the kit as a new layer, selections, invert, delete and drag below frame layer, select none
Open Image1 from the kit, copy and paste as a new layer above the frame layer, image mirror, resize by 65%, position on side of frame, sharpen & drop shadow 0 0 70 5
Paste your tube as a new layer position where you want it in the frame, duplicate, drag one layer below the frame and one above it, click on the top tube layer and erase any bits you dont want showing above the frame, add a drop shadow to bottom tube layer - 5 5 70 9
Copy image2 from the kit, resize and position below your top tube layer, sharpen and drop shadow - copy Image16, paste as a new layer, resize and position
Resize curly ribbon2, position on top of frame, sharpen and drop shadow, add bow 4 on top of the ribbon, resize & position, copy Gem2 and position on the bow, resize, sharpen & drop shadow
Copy Butterfly 4, resize and paste as a new layer on side of frame
Hide the white background layer and merge visible all other layers, resize by 85%
unhide background layer, copy butterfly 8 and paste below your tag
Paste a paper of choice below butterfly layer and apply mask, delete & merge group
Add your name & copyright info, save as a jpeg or delete white background and save as a Png!