Sunday, 30 August 2009

A bit of black 'n white

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Ismael Rac available to purchase from AMI
Scrapkit - beautiful freebie called 'Black night' by Jaelop which you can find here
Thank you!
Font of choice - I am using enchanted prairie dog
eye candy gradient glow
This is a little quickie
OK - Open a new image 600x600 floodfill white
Copy element 17, resize and paste as a new layer, sharpen
resize element 18 & paste as a new layer, position on top
Copy a close-up of your tube and paste as a new layer below these 2 layers
change the hue & saturation both at 0
position and erase any overhang, lower the opacity of the tube layer to 50
Copy element 7, resize and paste as a new layer at the top, position & sharpen more
Copy the leaves 18, resize & change the hue & saturation same as above
use your deform tool to turn slightly
sharpen & drop shadow 0 0 50 5
copy flowers 6 & 21, resize both and position as mine above
merge the flowers and leaves together, duplicate & rotate 90 to the right
position as above
Copy ribbon 2, resize and paste as a new layer at the top
sharpen & drop shadow
Add your tube and give it a drop shadow
-5 -5 70 11
Hide background layer and merge visible all other layers
resize if necessary and crop
Resize element 13 and paste as a new layer above the background, duplicate & flip
merge down these 2 layers and erase any bits in the middle showing through the tube
Add your name and apply a gradient glow using a grey colour
Add your copyright info
delete background layer & save as a Png!