Friday, 21 August 2009

Love and Hope

Click on the tag to view animation
Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of KatNKDA available to purchase from NKArtshop
Scrapkit - 'Love & Hope' by Jaelop which you can download here
Thank you!
Mask I am using is WSL 137 you can find here
Twinks here
Font of choice - I am using 2Peas hearts delight
Ok - Open a new image 600x 550 floodfill white
Copy Frame30 from the kit, resize and rotate 90 degrees to the left
Click inside the frame with magic wand & expand by 6
Copy & paste your paper of choice - the paper I am using came with the tube
invert, delete and drag below frame, select none
Resize the Love(39) and hope(43) words
position on the tag, sharpen & drop shadow 0 0 70 5
Copy element 34, resize, sharpen & drop shadow and position at top of frame
Add your tube and apply a drop shadow
Copy element 12a, resize and paste at bottom of frame, sharpen & DS
Resize element 16 and paste over one side, erase any bits that cover the tube
Add a new raster layer above the white background and select all
Copy & paste Paper4 into selection, select none
Apply mask, delete & merge group, duplicate & merge down
Add noise to mask layer at uniform 35 and lower opacity slightly
Resize & crop your tag
Add your name & copyright info
Copy merged into animation shop
Open the twinks in ani shop, there are 16 frames
you need to duplicate your tag until you have 16 frames
Click on the twinks, select all, copy
Click on the tag, select all, paste into selected frame
position the twinks so they look like they are coming from her hand
View animation & if happy save as a gif!