Sunday, 9 August 2009

Born to Ride

Tube of choice -I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey available to purchase from MPT
Scrapkit - gorgeous ptu kit from Kat called 'Born to Ride' which you can purchase here
Thanks Kat!!
Mask I am using - 0mask046 here
Plugins - both optional
Eye candy gradient glow
DSB flux linear transmission
Font I am using is Gothic texture quadrata here
OK - open a new image 700x600 floodfill white
Copy element 11 from the kit, paste as a new layer,resize, sharpen more
click in the centre with magic wand & expand by 5
Copy Paper13, resize by 30% and paste as a new layer, selections, invert, delete
select none and drag the paper layer below the frame layer
drop shadow the frame 0 0 70 5
Copy element 5, paste as a new layer, resize so it fits in the centre, sharpen more
use your dropper tool to select a pink colour from the bike
click on the frame layer and add a gradient glow using this pink
resize the wordart from the kit and paste at the top of the frame, sharpen more
Copy element 19, resize and paste as a new layer, position along the bottom, sharpen more and add above drop shadow
Resize element 37, paste as a new layer and position as above
Copy element 29, resize and position to the side of the fender, duplicate and mirror
Copy & paste element 7, resize, sharpen & drop shadow and position at the bottom
Now add your tube, position to the side of the tag and drop shadow 5 5 70 11
Add a new raster layer above the background layer & select all
copy Paper12 and paste into selection, select none
Apply mask, delete & merge group, add noise at uniform 25
Resize some doodles of choice from the kit and paste above the mask layer
position at the top and the side
Add your name using a purple gradient, add a black gradient glow
Duplicate your name and on the bottom layer apply linear transmission:
1 2 50 horizontal
Add your copyright info, resize and crop to your liking
Delete the white background layer & save as a Png!