Sunday, 15 February 2009

Magical Moments



Tube of choice - I am using the work of T.Allison which can be purchased from UpYouArt
Scrapkit - 'Magical Day' beautiful freebie kit from Seachell which you can download at her site here thanks Seachell!
Mask - 122Kris here
Font of choice
Eye Candy HSB Noise for animation

OK - open a new image 650x600 floodfill white
Open element9 from the kit, copy & paste as a new layer, resize slightly
Open element8 - resize by around 60% and paste at the front of the pond
Resize some flowers, I used elements 2 & 3 and paste around the pond, some in front, some behind the pond layer - add the bird element4 and butterflies, resize and position
add bubbles, element5 or 6, resize and place so they look like they are coming out of the pond
I added a drop shadow of 0 0 70 5 to all elements
Copy & paste the unicorn, resize and position
Now place your tube where it looks best - I placed mine behind the pond, like she is looking into it, depends what tube you use....add a drop shadow to your tube 4 4 70 5
Copy & paste Paper10 from the kit as a new layer above the white background, apply mask, delete & merge group and resize by 85%
Duplicate the mask layer and on the bottom one adjust blur, gaussian blur 20, layers merge down
Hide the white background layer, mask layer, unicorn & bubbles and merge visible the rest
Duplicate this layer and on the bottom one apply the same blur
Reopen all your layers now
Make sure you are on the top layer and type the words 'Magical Moments'
I applied a small gradient glow to mine
Now add your name & copyright information

Make sure you are on the bubbles layer and apply HSB Noise:
Hue variation 9, saturation 20, brightness 11, opacity 0
Lump width 27, height 42, random seed 30
Copy merged & paste into animation shop
Back to PSP, edit undo noise, then reapply changing the random seed by 5, copy merged & paste into ani shop after current frame
Repeat this once more changing the random seed by 5 again
View your animation and if happy save as a gif