Thursday, 12 February 2009

Spring to Mind

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Michael Landefeld which can be purchased from CILM
Scrapkit - 'Spring Fling' freebie by Ali which you can download from her site HERE
Thanks Ali!!
Mask - newEonMask1 by Sabre which you will find Here Thank you Sabre!
Plugins - Xero soft Mood (optional)
Eye Candy gradient Glow
Font - the one I used is called Flower3 here
OK - open a new image 650x500 floodfill white
Open Frame2 from the kit, copy & paste as a new layer, resize
Click inside the frames with magic wand, ensuring to click in all the bits in the bows and below, selections, modify, expand by 5
open Paper7, resize by 30% and paste as a new layer, selections, invert, delete and move below the frame, now paste your tubes in the the 2 outer frames, resize to fit, hit delete and select none
Click inside the middle frame with magic wand, expand by 4 and paste your tube again, duplicate your tube and hide the top one for now - selections, invert and make sure you are on your bottom tube layer, hit delete, move below the fame layer - your other tube should be above the frame - unhide it and use your eraser tool to erase any parts of the tubes hanging below the frame
On the 2 outer tubes I applied Xero soft mood at
Haziness 50
Glow - red 50
Brightness - 15
Contrast - 0
Add a drop shadow to your frame layer 0 0 70 4
Hide your white background and merge visible, resize by 95%
Open Tree1 resize by 60% and paste below the frames to the side, duplicate & mirror, position & erase any overhang below the frames
Open both the ivy elements, resize and paste behind the frame - see my tag for positioning, I duplicated the green ivy and also positioned it at the bottom
Paste on some flowers, bow & butterfly & position around the tag
When happy with your tag, hide white background and merge visible
Unhide white background and add a new raster layer above it, select all
Open Paper 13 and paste into selection, select none and apply the mask, I then duplicated the mask layer
Add your name using colours from the tag and add a medium white gradient glow
Add your copyright information, delete the whitebackground
Save as a Png
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial xx